The Band


Absent Minded are:-

Chris Gillie - Guitar/Vocals

Andrew Ruddick - Bass/Backing Vocals

Mark O'Shaughnessy - Drums

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Absent Minded Formed back in 2002, where Chris and Andy decided to start a band (at the time we were both shite, as we'd only just started playing our instruments!).  With the apparent lack of a drummer, we recruited classmate Stephen McAulay to help complete the backline. 

After the band had been playing for a while, it turned out that the direction we wanted to take the music was at conflict with Stephen, so we parted ways on good terms.

Upon this opening in the band, friend Mark began to play drums with an old and battered 'jazz' kit which his Uncle kindly donated.  Thus finishing our existing line-up.

The next step we had to tackle was the vocal department.  No-one in the band wanted to sing. So, we tried many people out for the vocals (too many to list here, and indeed -I can barely remember some of them)!

In the end, with gig-bookings looming ahead of us, Chris just put his head-down and did the singing himself.  Whom to this day is still the Absent Minded frontman.

Despite previous trials with second guitarists, nothing has felt as comfortable on stage as the tried-and-tested three piece.


After the Fish Quay Festival '04, the band decided that we had come as far as we were going to go, and called it a day.  We played two further gigs without any practice, after a terrible performance at the Piper, in Cullercoats our minds were set.  There was no-more Absent Minded.

Chris + Andy both joined other bands, and Mark was still trying out with various other outfits...


However, 9 Months down the line, here we are.  The illustrious Absent Minded.  What can I say..? - We never planned it, but we miss the gigs!